So I guess I should introduce myself in some sort of formal and easy-to-click-on way. The “about me” page seems like the right way to do that. These pages always vex me, however. The problem for anyone who has a reason to explain who they are is that there is both way too much to say and, at the same time, so very little that seems worth mentioning.

Not to mention I have this throbbing feeling of every first-date I’ve ever been on where selecting the details of one’s life that tell you “about me” is a somewhat formulaic, yet situationally un-formulaic conversation.

We’re not going to start dating now, right?

About me, right. Focus. I love photography. That seems like a good place to start. Photography is a chance for me to connect with all sorts of people, often at transitional (dare I say awkward) moments in their lives. And in many ways, those moments, both for their awkwardness and for their truth/beauty, are what get me out of bed in the morning. I love what I do. Working with people was an absolute side-effect of what began as a hobby of photography (in high school) and has come to define my interest and participation in photography.

Don’t get me wrong, I love other things too. And I won’t lie and tell you that this blog will only serve as a platform for me to coerce you into hiring me for your wedding or event. I mean, after you start reading, you’ll obviously want to… I love motorcycles. The blues. Awkward first dates are amazing. Driving is a curiously enjoyable activity for me. I often drive to weddings that are far enough away that any smart person would take a plane to photograph. Hey, I never said I was smart. I love my family – everything they’ve given me is why I’m here. My family probably won’t appear in my blog, but trust me, they’re in here when you’re not looking. I love art. Art that is well-executed changes the world. I love soccer and hockey – I like tennis (and ping pong). I love photographing, but absolutely not playing, basketball. I love shooting weddings and seeing something I’ve never seen before. I SO love that. Having shot literally hundreds of weddings, I’m always touched by new ideas that I get to witness. Don’t worry, I’ll blog about one of my favorite new wedding ideas soon. More foreshadowing… I’m a cyclist (often too busy to actually cycle anywhere). I love boats and the water. I lived on a boat for years. Maybe I’ll blog about it. Ok, don’t get carried away. Suffice to say that I’m a glass-half-full kinda man. I can certainly see the negatives, but they’re just not worth the time to look at.

I live in Washington, DC but I’m originally from Ohio. Now I love Ohio, don’t get me wrong. But I moved for a reason, I’m here now, and these things are good. Washington, DC is wonderful and I love to travel (for weddings and otherwise). So of course, like every photographer who wants to live life and have new experiences, I’m willing to travel absolutely anywhere for events. I might even help you out with costs a little. But I love my home now and invite you to come and see it.

So do you know more “about me” now? You should, I think. The moral of the story, of course, is that if you want to know something not listed above, shoot me an email and let’s start the conversation. We might both learn something.

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