Portrait of a Friend

So for those of you out there keeping up with my life through my blog, it’s been a little while.  But I think it’s time to get this thing moving for real now.  So in the way of updates, I’m adding a new category of blog posts called “NMPJ”.  NMPJ stands for New Media Photojournalism.  This is the name of the Masters degree program in which I cam currently enrolled.  Yes, you got it, I’m going back to school.  Crazy times, but, so far, pretty awesome.  And, because of my intense devotion to readers (assuming I have any readers), I’ve decided to start posting assignments and things of interest from my program on my blog.  Why?  Because it’s my blog, I can do whatever I want to do.

So our very first photographic assignment in this program was to go and make a portrait of a friend – with bonus points awarded for portraits of “friend with dog”.  You don’t have to tell me twice.  🙂

20150911_portrait_czarconi_1 20150911_portrait_czarconi_2 20150911_portrait_czarconi_3

We had to select three to turn in.  These are my three.  Thanks, Mike (& Zoey) for sharing a morning with me.  Always a good start to my day.

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4 thoughts on “Portrait of a Friend

  1. What a fantastic start to your new blog resurgence! These photos are remarkable. You have such a way of seeing people (and pups) – that comes through in your work! I’m so excited for what’s to come next! Keep ’em coming!!

  2. These are excellent Chris! So glad to get some great photos of Mike (who normally does his best to avoid being in pics!) These really capture the two of them!

  3. You’ve captured the essence of the subject matter in these photos (#1- is the most striking for me), that only a creative-talented observer could sense. The composition alone lends itself to so many possibilities e.g. setting, light, texture, mood, negative space, etc., and you’ve nailed it!
    I plan to follow your future assignments with excitement… as to “what’s next”
    Extremely proud of you kiddo‼️

  4. Chris,
    I must add a cliche here, that there are no words that can describe what you see through the lens of your instrument. The first photo with both your subjects looking in the same direction is priceless. It’s like they both ‘know’ (whatever ‘know’ is). The backdrop color of the door of the house does not obstruct the beauty of the dog’s coat! The grey painted home, and the blue in the man’s shorts, play wonderfully with the color of the porch and the steps. My eye first went to the collar of the dog, which made his luxurious coat pop! The color in his master’s shoes match the color in his collar. I would like to know what they are looking at. I’m drawn in to wonder. Photo number two: if the dog was smiling, I was going to say ‘wow’, but since his friend is smiling, I can assume they are both happy. How genuine. The meaning of friendship has a connection that we cannot describe, however, photo number two makes me feel as though these two trust each other (as the dog is very attentive), and happiness. I really like the rustic colors in the truck. The age of the truck appears to define time. When one has a best friend, time does not matter. They both look as though they will be together for quite a while to come. Finally, photo three, the touch. The master touches the head of the dog and the dog touches the foot of his master. Priceless. It’s like they both approve of each other. The dog’s tongue, hanging slightly out of his mouth and to the side, just enough to say ‘me too’. Both of these subjects are cool because the man is built like a brick and so is the dog. Very well matched set, these two. As an added note, the bright color of the dog’s collar matches the small bright little areas of his master’s one sneaker. They are ‘one’, the direction in photo one, the time in photo two, and approval in photo three.

    I do not know enough about what is bad in a photo since I am not a professional at it, however, I must say that I love the overall theme, the kindness in the last photo makes me want such a friend, when I retire. Thank you for sharing.

    Jewel T.

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