A Little Wedding Americana

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a wedding on my blog.  Too long no doubt.  And while this wedding isn’t recent, it is lovely and was such a pleasure to revisit.  I had occasion to use this wedding recently for purposes which I will reveal in later posts and I was struck by the beauty and steady theme in the images.  America is not a perfect country, but it’s a pretty good one.  And this wedding just seemed to embody so many bits of America that it stands out as the kind of picture story that really needs no explanation.  (“So why am I still talking,” you ask?)  Fair enough.

wed1 wed2 wed3

This photo is included in this post for my dear friend Nick and his lovely wife Kim.  In fact, I’ll even say this photo is dedicated to you two.  A little blessing on your marriage and your family.  The portfolio for which I had occasion to use this wedding included all of these images and without any discussion or collaboration, both Nick and Kim (both graduates of the Cleveland Institute of Art and amazingly talented artists) immediately said “take it out”.  There are many reasons I did not take it out, but none of them matter here.  This one’s for you guys.

wed4 wed5 wed6 wed7 wed8 wed9 wed10

Marines, cigars, old American cars, flags, and dancing in a backyard tent.  These are the trappings of a perfect American wedding.  Actually I really loved all the images from this wedding, but the first tough part about making a portfolio is taking great pictures and the second tough part is paring down to a presentable number.  Often the editing is the most time-consuming part.

wed11 wed12

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