Food Photography

I often get the question, “do you only shoot weddings?” from clients and colleagues.  I love weddings and I am happy to have them as such a big part of my business.  But one thing I love about running my own business is that I get to do whatever I want.  And whatever I want is a little bit of everything.  I love photography, I love food, and so it seems only natural to love photographing food.

RAsmithsonian_0100 RAsmithsonian_0262

Duck is a classic Wolfgang Puck dish and chef Scott at The Source made this lovely image possible.

RAsmithsonian_0243 RAsmithsonian_0239 RAsmithsonian_0237 RAsmithsonian_0224 RAsmithsonian_0213 RAsmithsonian_0164 RAsmithsonian_0162 RAsmithsonian_0159 RAsmithsonian_0154 RAsmithsonian_0134 RAsmithsonian_0125 RAsmithsonian_0120


Just thought I’d get back in the saddle with blog posts and make us both hungry in the process.  Now time to figure out what’s for dinner…

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